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This tool converts 3D NIfTI images (and other formats supported by ITK) to DICOM 2D series. Nifti2Dicom is a convertion tool that converts 3D NIfTI files (and other
formats supported by ITK) to DICOM. Unlike other conversion tools, it can import a DICOM file that is used to import the patient and study DICOM tags, and allows you to edit the  accession number and other DICOM tags, in order to create a valid DICOM that can be imported in a PACS.

Source code is in directory is split into 2 parts:
- src/core (command line tool)
- src/gui (GUI)

To build Nifti2Dicom you need:

* Command line tools:
- Insight Toolkit (ITK) 3.17 or later using GDCM 2.xx
- Templatized command-line argument parser for C++ (TCLAP) 1.2 or later

- Qt4 (4.4 or later)
- Visualization toolkit (VTK) 5.xx with Qt4 support enabled

* Documentation
- Doxygen
- Graphwiz

The source code is available in github repository under public access at

The software is also available as binary executable packages for MacOS. You can find the two packages following the links below:

Homebrew Installation Instructions

Download here the formula for homebrew and place it within your installation. Then, from a bash prompt just type

brew install nifti2dicom_macos



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